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Ric Hassani is a Nigerian born Pop-African singer and songwriter. In 2012, Ric released his first single called 'Dance Dance Baby Dance'. He then released a follow-up single titled 'Double Double'.In September 2015, he became the first Nigerian Artist to headline the Lake of Stars Festival in Lilongwe Malawi, along-side Uhuru and Toya Delazy. He released his first Album Compilation called; African Tour Select Singles 2015. The following month, he released an EP, a five track compilation of acoustic versions of his pre-recorded music including fan favourites like Joy, Stay and Depression.
In December 2015, he released another hit single titled 'Gentleman', which is the first single of his Debut Album 'The African Gentleman. July 2017, The African Gentleman Album was released and "Only You", which is the most successful song on the album has been streamed 42Million times on all platforms.Ric Hassani is influenced by musicians such as Sam Smith, Craig David and favorite band Boyz II Men. Ric even created his own band called DBYZ "The Boys". Ric is stylish African gentleman who dresses in African & Western style clothing. He likes Tom Ford collection with African prints. His songs can be called “soulful,” with repeating beat and minimal baseline, adorned with masterful acoustics. The main theme is Love.
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Ric Hassani's Ugandan Tour

Experience the magic firsthand. Dive into the link below and let Ric's melodies whisk you away to that unforgettable night in Uganda. Feel the energy, the passion, the raw emotion pouring through every note.


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Hassani Workout
Hassani Workout
Ric Hassani’s, Hassani Workout Exercise is from his fitness umbrella “Hassani Fitness”. Hassani Workout - A one hour tabata style exercise music for cardio fitness.
The African Gentleman
The African Gentleman
Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of African culture and the timeless values of chivalry and grace, this musical masterpiece transcends borders and resonates with audiences worldwide.
The Prince I Became
The Prince I Became
Inspired by personal experiences and introspection, this musical odyssey delves into the depths of identity, growth, and the pursuit of purpose. Each track resonates with the essence of self-discovery, resilience, and the evolving nature of human existence
Afro Love
Afro Love
Afro Love' is basically love stories from an African Man. Most times we aren't taught to be vulnerable. Men in general aren't taught to be vulnerable but more so African men, because we, we are natural born warriors. But do we feel? Do we love very deeply? These songs are stories, love stories that we keep inside
The Prince I became (Deluxe)
The Prince I became (Deluxe)
This enhanced journey offers exclusive tracks, behind-the-scenes insights, and special collaborations, providing listeners with a deeper dive into Ric Hassani's musical evolution. Immerse yourself in a deluxe experience where every note unveils new dimensions of self-discovery, resilience, and the transformative power of music."
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Ric Hassani - I.L.U (I Love You) [Official Video]
Ric Hassani - Ngozi (Official Video)
Ric Hassani - Oshé Mama (Visualizer)
Ric Hassani - My Only Baby (Official Music Video)
Ric Hassani - Thunder Fire You (Official Video)
Ric Hassani Live in Uganda
Ric's Melodic Voyage

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