Fans from Cameroun

So we are surfing the net one day, and we find this video on youtube. We see this youtube video of kids in Cameroon dancing to our single! This is absolutely great! Before we found it, Ric Hassani had mentioned something like it to us, though very vaguely because of his very busy schedule. Speaking of Ric’s Busy schedule, there is so much fantastic and awesome music he has made and we cannot wait for you all to hear it!. Ok so back to what we where talking about, *LOL* these kids are amazing and this video is just wayyyyyyy toooooooo cute!. I remember Ric telling me that this video had inspired and motivated him a great deal. WE LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch it below.

Nous vous aimons et nous pouvons faire une tournée Cameroun très bientôt et j’ai hâte de vous rencontrer! Restez en contact!

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